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I just love taking turns sucking solid crossdresser rod and tonight was no different. I ran into a cheeky crossdresser slut tonight at a weekend fuck party i regularly attend. She’s tall and slender and definately a huge tgirl fuck toy and she just loved taking my cock into her warm mouth. We had a few drinks together and it wasn’t long before we were swapping spit and rubbing each others hard cock. I could feel the lump in this whores underwear getting bigger and bigger. I wanted this transvestite whores cock deep in my mouth right now.

It was early still at this fuck party and there was only a few people flirting and chatting so i decided to get things going. I pulled this tranny whores rod out and started rolling my tongue around the tip. She groaned quietly and rubbed her hand over the back of my head, pulling my hair tight as i sucked hard on the end of her big, hard shaft. She grabbed at my hair and pushed my mouth onto her shaft. I started gagging as my mouth was filled with crossdresser shaft but i fucking loved it.

The sweet taste of her shaft was making mine get bigger and bigger. I pulled it out and started WANKING fast as i deep throated this tgirl wench. I wanted her hot jizz in my warm mouth right away. I laid back and let this crossdresser fuck toy fuck my slutty mouth fast as i kept pulling my hard member. I slid my finger under her skirt and probed her tight ass. As i felt her rod pulsing in my wet mouth, i knew she was about too climax so i forced my finger inside this whores tight ass and the moment i did, she shot wet goo inside my warm mouth. I drank down every drop of it as i’m such a nasty tgirl slut, after that i just knew it would be a great night!

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