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Blonde punishes Zoe

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I’m playing in the shower with one of my favorite crossdresser girlfriends. We’re horny from teasing guys all day, so we decide a steamy shower is in order. Oh, but the water would so ruin my sexy makeup, so maybe I’ll just have to take a creamy cum bath! We lick and suck each other’s body as we play in the tub, gradually stripping all our pretty clothes away. I’m a little fuck toy and she has no trouble getting me out of my wet panties.

Then this hot blonde whore springs her kinky plot on me. She puts a ball gag into my mouth, and ties it nice and tight. I’m pushed down, my arms held back, and I can feel my favorite double-dildo up against my tight cock hole. I groan as she slides it deep inside of me, and then she reaches down to wank my warm cock as she sucks off the other dildo head jutting from my tgirl ass.

She fucks me hard, moving the member inside my body with her mouth. I can hear her gagging on it as she jacks off my crossdresser cock with her hand. Her orgasm splats into the tub at my feet, and moments later there’s another girly streak of hot white cream beneath us. We race down onto on our knees to see who can lick more of the cum up!

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